Ep # 15: Goal Setting In 2021 With Katie McKenna

In this episode, Ben is joined by Katie McKenna from Thrivos Consulting. Katie is a professional coach and bestselling author of "How To Get Run Over By A Truck". 2020 may have kicked your butt and that's ok. As you turn the page to 2021, what do you aspire to? What do you want to change? How do you put a plan into action to get there? Who else should you involve? Listen to two GOAL-PLANNERS, Ben & Katie focus on YOU and next steps YOU can take to get to where you want to go.
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Cleaning Out Your Financial Garage



I cleaned out my garage last weekend. I tend to accumulate things I don’t need or don’t often use. I pile up things that should just be thrown away. I stack tools on my shelves instead of putting them back where I got them. Instead of taking an extra minute or two out of my day, I end up creating what becomes a weekend long project each year – cleaning out my garage.

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Is Your Financial Plan a Strategic Plan?

I was at a conference this week, where there were many different financial advisors listening to many industry leaders talk about how to give advice, what new technology is available to assist in giving advice, and what studies say about how clients want to receive this advice. Call me old fashioned, but some of this conversation is still missing the point; financial planning isn’t so much about numbers, as it is about conversation, process and follow up.

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